CONTROCAMPO. Gli architetti italiani ci mettono la faccia

SpazioFMG per l’Architettura celebrates its first 10 years by inviting contemporary Italian architects to participate in a major group exhibition December 15 through February 10, literally putting a face to their names.

The exhibition entitled “CONTROCAMPO. Gli architetti italiani ci mettono la faccia”, or “REVERSE ANGLE: Italian architects put a face to their names”, offers a new perspective on the world of design, focusing on the people who spend their days designing, building and writing about the best Italian architecture, immortalising them in an amazing group portrait for the very first time.

The exhibition, curated by Luca Molinari and Alessandro Benetti, opens at 18:30 on Thursday, December 15 at SpazioFMG in Via Bergognone 27, Milan. Free admission.