Project Description


How does one convert a medieval fortress into an exclusive tourist facility? How do you combine architecture and nature and aspire to become a worldwide destination?


Time line: november 2016 – march 2017
Project: MOSAE srl
Team – Michele Maddalo, Dario Pellizzari, Alice Brugnerotto, Annalisa Cinco, Anna Colombo, Luca L. Pirovano
Collaborators – Paolo Del Toro, Gianluca “Jazz” Manciola, Mattia Polettini, Marco Rota

The project is conceived like two rings, acting like barriers sitting near to the top of the hill and hugging it, marking a border within the vast landscape and the castle. Like a contemporary suggestion of the ancient village that once surrounded the fortress, it emphasizes the presence of the ruins by tracing a limit beneath it.

From the top of the hill, where the castle once rose over the underlying village giving a point of view once reserved only to a few, now we can enjoy the complete 360 view of the landscape surrounding, and see as far as our eyes are capable of. The choice of keeping almost untouched the remainings of the castle, only integrating them with comfortable paths that spin across the site and mild glasses structures, is leaded by the will of showing the story of the castle, from its glorious moments to the final defeat that led to the destruction of the fortress.

Three glasses structures accomodate an interactive experience that is a boost to our imagination, from informative panels to interactive screens telling us the story of the place.