berlin business office buildings complex

The concept aim to provide the maximum amount of lettable flooring area in a rational plan, simplifying connections and reducing implementation and operation costs considering also a step by step building operation for each.
The building consists of a total of 7 floors which could be arranged in various possible configurations focusing on the maximum flexibility.
We propose to give one very attractive architectural solution joined with a smart internal solution.
Floor space will be flexible in order to satisfy any kind of tenant needs. The solution shall allow to rent one or more levels to single customer or to subdivide easy the space to fit multiple users. The architectural layout, the physics building and technological system (EIT) are fully customizable to allow what above described.



Location: BERLIN, Germany
Lot area: 7819 mq
Floor area: 23457 mq
Time line: april 2016 - september 2016

Project - MOSAE + Mijic Architects + Zacutti Engineering
MOSAE Team - Michele Maddalo, Dario Pellizzari, Alice Brugnerotto, Luca L. Pirovano, Olga Spagnoletti, Anna Colombo
Collaborators - Gianluca "Jazz" Manciola


Pictures in slideshow ©Mosae, 2016 - ©Mijic Architects, 2016